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A small amount of weight loss can bring tremendous benefits. For example, losing just 20 or 30 pounds can lower a person's risk for type 2 diabetes. Weight management can help prevent other health risks to one's heart and quality of life. Weight loss management involves nutritional counseling with a customized diet, healthier lifestyle choices, and preventing other severe health conditions from getting worse.

Weight loss management is available at KezMed Medical PC in Bronx and the surrounding area. Call our office today at 646-216-1270 to discuss your options for weight loss and nutritional counseling. This type of counseling, sometimes called medical nutrition therapy, is designed for safe loss and lasting lifestyle changes. Patients work with a dietitian to address various issues such as emotional eating, stress triggers, and a poor relationship with food.

The goal is to lose from one to one-and-a-half pounds a week. Patients learn about making better nutritional choices and about eating protein and fiber to feel fuller. Many opt to increase their activity levels and to join support groups.

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Benefits of Weight Loss Management

With such a vast number of weight loss methods that all claim to be "the most effective choice," it is no surprise that people find it difficult to lose weight. The truth is that a patient needs a customized diet focusing on their lifestyle and health. Our practice can use nutritional counseling to customize the diet to the patient's health.

By seeking medical advice, a patient can ensure they begin a healthy diet with methods to maintain a healthier weight. Weight loss management focuses on healthy, sustainable changes. People benefit from it, notably because it lowers their risk of health issues.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains explains that losing just 5% to 10% of your body weight helps in areas such as blood sugar and blood pressure. Weight loss management also makes people more energetic and confident.

The Process of Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional counseling involves a series of meetings with our team. Expect the first appointment to take about one hour. We will review your past dietary habits, lifestyle choices, medical history, and weight loss goals. Together, we will then customize a nutrition plan. With nutritional counseling:

  • Nutritional goals evolve as patients lose weight and make different choices
  • Weight loss goals are realistic with a focus on steady and safe loss
  • Dietitians tell patients how many calories to consume per day
  • Patients focus on sustainable changes that turn into a new lifestyle
  • Patients can lose weight without losing muscle mass
  • Patients learn about portion sizes
  • Patients may start the process by eating frozen, pre-portioned meals

As long as patients follow their plan, nutritional counseling carries no risks. Weight decreases slowly and safely.

Learn More About Weight Loss Management

Nutritional counseling is an effective way to lose weight, boost energy, increase confidence, and enhance physical mobility. You can reap the rewards of nutritional counseling and weight loss management for the rest of your life. To learn more, call our office today at 646-216-1270.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly do people lose weight with nutritional counseling?

The amount and frequency of weight will vary on the patient's age, lifestyle, exercise, and eating habits. By following our nutritional counseling plan, we can help to measure the patient's weight loss.

How many sessions do patients undergo during weight loss management?

At least three or four sessions take place. However, some patients do need follow-up sessions. The follow-up sessions occur if their weight loss stalls or if they run into stumbling blocks. We are here to help you throughout the weight loss process.

Does weight loss still happen after patients finish nutritional counseling?

In many cases, yes. Sometimes, the weight loss does stall, or patients regain the weight. In these cases, they should come in for follow-up visits. Additional resources, such as mental health specialists and weight loss groups, are helpful.

Can patients drink soda in nutritional counseling?

Each patient's weight loss plan varies. While the patient can ask about having soda in their diet, we will need to review the patient's goals and condition for an answer. In most cases, even diet soda can contain sugar that will not benefit their diet. We want to help you reach your weight goal, and soda may not help you achieve that.

Does nutritional counseling help patients understand why they overeat?

Many times, yes. During weight loss management, dietitians work with patients to identify their triggers for emotional eating. Patients learn healthier ways to deal with stress. They work on developing positive associations with food.

Does weight loss management work for all overweight people?

The most successful patients put a good deal of effort into their programs. They are honest with their dietitians about which changes should be easy or hard to make. Many successful patients take extra steps, such as joining support groups and developing exercise programs.

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